More awards “In recognition of service to the insurance industry”

On 11 May 2016, the General Meeting of PIU granted the “In recognition of service to the insurance industry” awards. The awards were given to the following persons:

Persons proposed by Uniqa TU SA:
1. Andrzej Jarczyk

Persons proposed by Gothaer TU SA:
1. Mariusz Kłosowski
2. Agata Skrężyna-Dudek
3. Hubert Grochowski
4. Magdalena Szczepańska

Persons proposed by Signal Iduna TU SA:
1. Agnieszka Hołubowska
2. Jerzy Świątek

Persons proposed by TU Europa SA:
1. Bartosz Dąbrowski
2. Elżbieta Rajter-Łożyńska
3. Jadwiga Łoś-Ujda

Persons proposed by PZU SA:
1. Ruzica Walkiewicz
2. Barbara Wdowiak
3. Karol Jasik
4. Halina Panek

Persons proposed by Interrisk TU SA:
1. Iwona Borkowska
2. Robert Kowalczyk
3. Bartosz Okrasa
4. Angelika Pietrzyk-Paczosa
5. Grzegorz Kusy
6. Waldemar Kozłowski

The “In recognition of service to the insurance industry” awards may be granted to a natural person employed by an insurance company or an insurance institution, a person working in the interest of the insurance sector, including researchers dealing with the subject area of insurance, or promoting knowledge of insurance, as well as to other natural or legal persons from Poland and abroad who have significantly contributed to the development of insurance in Poland. A proposal for the award may be put forward by members and the President of the Board of the Polish Insurance Association.