Manuscript Review Procedure

Procedure for reviewing articles

  • The procedure for reviewing articles follows the recommendations set forth by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the publication “Good practices in review procedures in science” („Dobre praktyki w procedurach recenzyjnych w nauce”; publication available on the website of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education).
  • Articles submitted to “Wiadomości Ubezpieczeniowe”, after preliminary approval of Editorial Board members, are sent for review. The reviewers are specialists in a particular area of knowledge.
  • Submitted scientific articles are evaluated by two independent (i.e., with scientific affiliation different than the Author) reviewers, with the Authors and reviewers remaining anonymous (the so-called “double-blind review process”). In the case of submission of a glossary or case law review, the text is evaluated by one independent reviewer. Non-scientific materials (including conference reports, book reviews, memoirs and other materials) are subject to one review by a member of the Editorial Board.
  • Each article is reviewed by at least one external reviewer, i.e., a person outside the journal’s Scientific Board and Editorial Board. A member of the Editorial Board has the right to review a text if he or she has the appropriate knowledge and it is justified in terms of content.
  • Reviewers evaluate the article according to the criteria included in the review form and, based on this, formulate one of the following conclusions:

o to publish the submission in its current form,

o to publish the submission after taking into account the comments included in the review,

o to publish the submission after rewriting and re-reviewing,

o not to accept the submission for publication.

  • In the case of conflicting opinions of reviewers, the editors appoint a third reviewer (also anonymous) and only after their opinion makes a decision on publication.
  • Authors receive reviews in written form, maintaining the anonymity of reviewers.
  • The list of reviewers is published once a year, after the announcement of the last issue of a given year, on the editor’s website.
  • The approximate review time is two months – in justified cases it can be extended, of which the Editorial Board informs the Author.
  • After receiving two reviews, the reviews are sent immediately to the Author, and upon receipt of the revised text, the editors assess whether the reviewers’ comments have been duly taken into account by the Author of the text.

The editors do not charge any fees for publication in the “Wiadomości Ubezpieczeniowe” journal. Authors of texts do not pay any fees for their publication (APCs). Published content is available online in the open access system – free of charge and without any grace period.

All texts published in the journal are made available free of charge under the  Creative Commons (CC BY-ND 3.0) license, and Authors publishing in the journal – retaining all copyrights – accept the terms of the Creative Commons (CC BY-ND 3.0)

The journal applies publication ethics according to the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The guidelines can be found here.

In case of ethical violations and scientific dishonesty (especially ghostwriting and guest authorship), those cases will be disclosed and documented.