Insurers encourage to use BLS

The Polish Insurance Association starts an information campaign about a newly introduced Direct Claims Adjustment (BLS) system. Following the core principle of the BLS system, the simple message “Had a car crash? Call your insurer” is designed to encourage the customers to contact directly the insurer from whom they bought their third party liability policy. The information campaign will be mainly launched online as well as via radio broadcasts.

Direct Claims Adjustment has been the most important change on the Polish insurance market recently. It assumes that the aggrieved party in a car crash notifies their own insurer rather than the perpetrator’s insurer. It is this key change that is emphasised in the creative line of the Polish Insurance Association’s campaign “Call your crowd”.

“BLS is one the most favourable solutions for insurance customers introduced in recent years. We would like as many drivers as possible to familiarise themselves with how it works and why it is a change for the better. BLS is a very simple solution, and it is really down to a logical action: as the aggrieved party you should call your own insurer,” says Jan Grzegorz Prądzyński, President of the Management Board of the Polish Insurance Association. “The campaign engages familiar imagery. When we want to have a coffee in good company, we call our friends. In the same way, when we are involved in a car crash, we can now call our insurer. The purpose of this campaign is to inform drivers of this solution and build awareness around its benefits,” adds Prądzyński.

Developed by VML Poland, the campaign will run in two stages, first in June and then from September to October 2015. Advertising is supported with PR activities organised on an ongoing basis by Havas PR Warsaw.

A website created for campaign purposes,, is the main knowledge base about BLS. The website is a source of information about the BLS system as well as the insurers who have already introduced it. Campaign “Had a car crash? Call your insurer” is addressed to people aged between 25 and 35 interested in the automotive sector, and therefore it will mainly run online. On 3 June, activities will start on Facebook, YouTube and Google Display Network. All these will direct the users to the website 
The online campaign will be supported by a radio campaign aimed to reach people aged between 35 and 44 and inform them of BLS. It is with this age group in mind that the creators prepared 15- and 30-second radio commercials which will be broadcast on Trójka Polish Radio 3, TOK FM, RMF Classic, Antyradio and Rock Radio starting 8 June.