Insurance as a guarantee of financial stability for a cyclist

Spring and long weekends are good times for trips, and the bicycle has become an increasingly preferable means of transport. City bike systems are introduced by neighboring cities. Unfortunately, cyclists may also become victims or perpetrators of road accidents. According to police statistics, in 2015 cyclists caused 1,644 accidents, in which 1,574 were injured, and 133 died.

In this year, May is an exceptional month in regards to holidays. Two so called “long weekends” fall within this month. The first long May weekend is already behind us. Unfortunately, apart from its pleasant moments it also took its toll of road accidents. Towards the end of the month we will have another long weekend. How can a cyclist become financially protected against road collisions?

The basic form of coverage is third party liability insurance (OC) in private life. This is a voluntary insurance, which will protect a cyclist against paying out of pocket costs such as the costs of replacing a mirror damaged by a cyclist in another person’s car. Before purchasing this insurance, one should check the sum insured, i.e. the limit of costs, up to which the insurer bears liability. In less expensive third liability insurance policies, the sums insured are relatively lower, however, a higher price usually means a higher coverage limit.

– Third party liability insurance (OC) in private life is usually added to the house and flat insurance policy and may also cover damages caused during cycling. That’s why before we buy another policy, it is worthwhile to check the terms of the one we already have. The insurance of our flat may be sufficient also in the context of cycling – says Marcin Tarczyński, analyst of the Polish Insurance Association. – If we do not have the third party liability insurance (OC) in private life, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the offers of insurers. Some insurance companies offer special packages for cyclists and provide for the possibility to take out a policy for a short time, e.g. for holidays.

Cyclists are more often victims of accidents than their perpetrators. Therefore, it is worth considering the purchase of personal accident insurance (NNW). A cyclist who has got it will receive a compensation due to damages to one’s health or a benefit for staying in the hospital.

Another problem spoiling the pleasure of cycle tours are thefts of bicycles. That’s why insurers offer, like in case of car drivers, comprehensive (casco) insurance. – Whoever selects casco, should get acquainted with the details of insurance coverage. Policies usually cover robbery or damage to a bike as a result of accident(s). More rarely you can get insurance against theft – adds Marcin Tarczyński.

Additionally, cyclists can use the assistance package, which includes, among others, carriage and repair of a damaged bike, medical transport or an appointment with a physician and nurse. As part of this service, a cyclist may also count on an appointment with a psychologist or coverage of the costs of implantology or prosthetics.