Conferences and seminars

On 3 December 2013, the Polish Insurance Association in collaboration with Deloitte organised a seminar related to tax and legal issues entitled: “Taxes in the insurance business – changes in legislation and current practice”. The seminar was opened by Mr Maciej Łuczyński, Member of the Management Board of the Polish Insurance Association, who briefed on the seminar topic.

Next the representatives of Deloitte discussed the most important changes in the tax regulation in 2014, inter alia those concerning VAT and invoicing. Changes in regulations on transfer pricing and possibilities of employee cost optimisation with regard to personal income tax and social insurance were also presented in detail. In the next parts of the seminar, lawyers from Deloitte Legal discussed the most vital legal and regulatory changes concerning insurance business. Moreover, the most interesting court decisions and interpretations, and tax rulings in 2013 were presented at the end of the seminar.

Seminar presentations