Conferences and seminars

Within the framework of the campaign promoting knowledge about insurance products with insurance equity fund, the Polish Insurance Association organises a conference “Insurance with Insurance Equity Fund ― its role, value, best practices”. The conference will be held on 11 April 2013 in the Hyatt Hotel in Warsaw at ul. Belwederska 23.

The entire conference will be devoted to discussing current issues troubling the insurance sector which refer to the structure of life insurance with insurance equity fund (UFK) and methods of offering and selling it. The subject of insurance is going to be presented both from the economic and legal point of view. Issues tackled during the conference will include the current legal status of insurance market regulations along with the analysis of legal and economic concerns connected with the structure of life insurance with UFK and possible directions for development of statutory regulations and soft-law.

A significant part of the conference will be devoted to discussing the importance of products for the customer and national economy. The basic goal of the conference is to find answers to crucial questions concerning the future of these products, potential directions for development of their structure and the issue of self-regulation increasing their transparency.

The conference is open and free of charge for the members of the Polish Insurance Association and for institutions which cooperate with the Association on a long-term basis. You can register to the conference by clicking on the following link. You can also find the conference agenda there.

Please, register to the conference until 5 April 2013.