Euro Health Consumer Index – EHCI 2015

The Polish Insurance Association, as the only institution, presents the Polish translation of the report “Euro Health Consumer Index – EHCI 2015”, prepared by the Health Consumer Powerhouse. The English version of the report was published in January 2016. The Euro Health Consumer Index has been published since 2005. The Swedish ranking service monitors health care services in 35 countries against 48 parameters, including but not limited to: observance of the patient’s rights and access to information, treatment results, range of services, prevention and consumption of drugs. It is prepared on the basis of publicly available statistical data, questionnaires filled in by patients and independent surveys conducted by Health Consumer Powerhouse Ltd., a private company with registered offices in Sweden, which evaluates the health care standards in Europe and Canada, thereby strengthening the position of patients and beneficiaries. In the annual ranking of EHCI, Poland was awarded 523 points out of a possible 1,000 and was ranked at the 34th, which was second-to-last place. By comparison, the Netherlands won with 916 points. The last place was taken by Montenegro; we were outrun by Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The author of Euro Health Consumer Index report is Health Consumer Powerhouse. The opinions expressed in the report are those of the author.