Entrepreneurship Day at PIU

On 22 March, students from upper-secondary schools will take part in an internship, lasting several hours, at the Polish Insurance Association as part of the “Entrepreneurship Day” project.

“Entrepreneurship Day” is being organised in Poland for the ninth time by the Young Entrepreneurship Foundation (Fundacja Młodzieżowej Przedsiębiorczości) in cooperation with the Chancellery of The President of Poland. The idea behind it is to engage entrepreneurs in the education of young people, as well as to create an innovative platform for delivering knowledge about the functioning of the labour market to the young.

The participation of the Polish Insurance Association in the “Entrepreneurship Day” will enable future employees to choose right education and career.  Young people will be able to verify information about their dream jobs. They will also learn what competencies and knowledge is expected of candidates for a particular occupation.

Participation in the programme will be an opportunity for the students to:

•    take part in a several-hour internship in a selected workplace,
•    verify their idea of a dream profession,
•    obtain information about the education, skills and predispositions necessary to practice in a given profession,
•    experience the connection between education and professional career,
•    explore company organisation and management.