Direct market in 2014

In 2014 we bought via the Internet and telephone over 5 mln of insurances. We paid PLN 1.05 billion. This is over 10.5 per cent less than last year. Via telephone and the Internet we preferably buy motor insurances. Last year we concluded 1.3 mln of third party liability insurance agreements and 344,000 of comprehensive motor insurance agreements. The premium which we paid for that kind of protection amounted to PLN 591 mln and PLN 197 mln respectively.

The data on the direct market shows that insurances bought in 2014 via telephone and the Internet were cheaper than a year before. For example, the number of comprehensive motor insurances increased by 0.44 per cent, while the premium decreased by 18.4 per cent – In the case of comprehensive motor insurance the decrease in premiums may result from the decrease of prices, but that is not the only reason. It may also be caused by narrowing by the customers the scope of protection, increase in deductibles, or by the decrease in the value of the insured vehicle – explains Paweł Zylm, Chairman of the PIU Direct Insurance Team.

Also in the case of motor third party liability insurance, the disproportion between premiums and the number of agreements is visible. In this case, the number of policies decreased by 6.6 per cent, while the premium decreased by almost 10 per cent at the same time. The most interesting trend in insurances other than motor insurances is insurance data on the damage caused by natural disasters. The increase of the number of policies year-to-year amounts to 24 per cent, while the decrease of premium reaches over 46 per cent. It may indicate either very high price discounts or greater sale of products of low insurance amounts or a narrow range of protection. The direct market is a sale channel to sell policies via telephone and the Internet that debuted in Poland in 2003. This sector noted particularly dynamic growth in 2006, and in 2012 for the first time it exceeded 5 mln policies sold.

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