Contest for the best final thesis finished

The Polish Insurance Association informs that the Leon Kozicki Contest 2010 for the best final theses on the subject of insurance is now finished. The Evaluation Committee composed of: prof. Irena Jędrzejczyk, PhD; Wojciech Nagel, PhD; prof. Kazimierz Ortyński, PhD; Jan Piątek, PhD; Adam Pustelnik, PhD and Witold Walkowia, PhD, chose the best of the all the theses submitted for the contest.

The first prize is awarded to Mariusz Kamiński for the thesis titled:”The enforcement of vehicle insurance claims, including typical disputes”. According to the Committee, the subject of the thesis is current and important both for the theory and practice of insurance business. In an interesting and complete manner, the author describes the issues connected with the enforcement of vehicle insurance claims and their settlement. The thesis was supervised by prof. Eugeniusz Kowalewski, PhD from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.

The second prize was awarded ex aequo to Joanna Adamska for the thesis „The securitisation in life insurance as a tool of the mortality risk transfer” and to Arkadiusz Filip and Marcin Wienke for the thesis titled. „The stability of quantile premium in relation to the disturbances in the single claim distribution in collective risk models.” The Committee declared that the first thesis is original and written with verve, while the second one presents that the authors are skilled in using mathematic and statistic methods and applying them to non-life insurance, especially concerning the constitution of an insurance premium. The first thesis was supervised by prof. Danuta Marciniak-Neider, PhD from the University of Gdańsk, while the second one was supervised by Agata Boratyńska, PhD from the Warsaw School of Economics.

The third prize was awarded to Wioletta Baranowska for the thesis titled ’Group exclusions from the anti-competitive agreements ban in business insurance sector”. The author analyses a complicated matter of the European legislation, concentrating on the regulations concerning the competition law and group exclusions from the anti-competitive agreements ban in business insurance sector. The thesis was supervised by prof. Maria Królikowska-Olczak, PhD from the University of Łódź.

We congratulate all the winners and thank all the competitors for taking part in our competition. The Polish Insurance Association invites all the students who write their final thesis this or next year to submit their work for the next edition of the contest.