Anniversary of the Poznań University of Economics Insurance Department and Wiadomości Ubezpieczeniowe

This year, two institutions of key importance to the Polish insurance market development celebrate their 65th anniversary. The first is the Insurance Department, founded in 1948 at the Poznań University of Economics (then Academy of Trade) – the oldest research and didactic institution of this type in Poland. The other is Wiadomości Ubezpieczeniowe – the oldest Polish newspaper, published since 1947. For 65 years, this magazine has been serving as a source of professional insurance information to subsequent generations of insurers. The magazine is a member of the International Association of Press Publishers – Presse Internationale des Assurances (PIA), and it has been published by the Polish Insurance Association since 2005.

These anniversaries have become an occasion to organise a conference entitled ‘Insurance industry in 2025 – opportunities and threats’. The conference will be organised under the patronage of the Poznań University of Economics’ Rector, His Magnificence, Prof. Marian Gorynia, PhD, and the President of the Management Board of the Polish Insurance Association, Jan Grzegorz Prądzyński. The goal of the planned conference is to answer the question which direction the insurance industry will take and what its opportunities and threats are in the years to come. During the conference, two panels will be held: ‘Possibilities of the insurance industry development till 2025’ and ‘Threats to the insurance industry development’, with Prof. Karel Van Hulle as a special guest.
Prof. Karel Van Hulle is a lecturer at the Faculty of Business and Economy of KU Leuven and at the Faculty of Economy of the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, where he is a member of the Board of the International Centre for Insurance Regulation. Until 1 March 2013, he was Head of the Insurance and Pensions Unit of the European Commission (Directorate-General Internal Market and Services). He represented the European Commission within the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) and was a member of the Technical Committee of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS). He joined the European Commission in 1984 after having served eight years for the Belgian Banking Commission.
Detailed information, conference agenda and contact data are available HERE.