A working breakfast with the Minister, Jakub Szulc

Today the British-Polish Commercial Association (BPCC) holds a working breakfast with the Vice Minister of Health, Jakub Szulc as well as Paweł Kalbarczyk, the President of the Accident and Health Insurance Committee on the innovative solutions within the financing of health service in Poland.

After the breakfast, there will be a panel discussion on the health insurances with the Minister Szulc and the following experts:
Paweł Kalbarczyk, the Head of the Accident and Health Insurance Committee of PIU and the Directos of the Health Insurance Offices PZU Życie SA,
dr Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak, the former Undersecreatary of State in the Ministry of Labour and Social Plicy,
Jacek Graliński, the Deputy Director for Medical Matters in the Child’s Health Center,
Agnieszka Deeg, Partner CMS Cameron McKenna, the Law Practice Coordinator in the Central and Esatrn Europe,
Tomasz Jędorowicz, Senior Manager Healthcare Team, PricewaterhouseCoopers,

The discussion will be moderated by Mr Martin Oxley, the General Director of BPCC.