1% of tax for Center for the Blind in Laski

Center for the Blind in Laski has been helping hundreds of blind children for 100 years. The center could not conduct its activity without the support of thousands of people who selflessly supported the center with their money.

I know that my money causes something good and I do not mean the financial area alone, because, for example, it enables the children from Laski to meet their parents more often. The money is also good energy. Right now it is me who conveys it to others, but one day maybe somebody will convey it to me. All in all, it is difficult to express it in words – I just help and that is it!

The Center activity does not only consist in everyday care of the blind. It also consists in a number of other projects, among other things, Ośrodek Rehabilitacyjno-Wypoczynkowy in Sobieszewo (Rehabilitation and Rest Centre)

I support the center for blind children in Laski, because it is thanks to those children that I notice things that I could not notice before at all, even though I have excellent eyesight.

You can support the Center in Laski, too. It will be easier to provide the blind children with care thanks to 1% of your tax. Such a gift does not cost you anything but will be invaluable for a great number of disabled children.

Why do I do this? Because it is good to help others!

The center contact details, thanks to which you can support it with 1%of your tax, can be found on www.laski.edu.pl.

You can learn more by writing to katarzyna.wojciechowska@laski.edu.pl.

You can watch a movie promoting the campaign 1%of your tax for the center in Laski here.