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    A letter to Prime Minister Beata Szydło on insurance matters

    The Polish Insurance Association has delivered Prime Minister Beata Szydło a letter, in which the PIU emphasizes that the mission of insurers is first of all assistance to the injured and their financial protection. PIU is at the disposal of […]

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    Results of the health insurance market after Q2 2016

    As results of data gathered by the Polish Insurance Association, after the first half of 2016 the premium collected on the health insurance market amounted to PLN 263.5 million. This constitutes almost an 11% increase as compared to the previous […]

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  • Life Insurance

    Life insurance includes products which are supposed to provide, above all, benefits to the family and dependants of the insured in case of his or her death. The importance of […]

  • Insurance in Poland

    In Poland, there are about 80 insurance companies and several branches of foreign companies. More than 500 insurance companies operate on the basis of the so-called notification, in accordance with […]

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