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    Insurers paid out more than PLN 20 billion in insurance compensation

    In the first half of 2019, Poles received PLN 20.6 billion in insurance compensation. Each hour means as much as PLN 1 million in payments of compensation under TPO insurance for those injured in traffic accidents. Key figures: PLN 20.6 […]

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    #dontplead – how we disregard weather events

    The most recent study conducted by the Polish Chamber of Insurance* shows that almost 80% of residents of areas particularly exposed to natural forces believe that their dwellings are safe. PIU starts the #niezaklinaj (#dontplead) campaign. More than half of […]

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    11th Bancassurance Congress

    On 17-18 October 2019, Hotel Narvil in Serock will host the 11th Bancassurance Congress. The main topic of the congress will be the challenges faced by the insurance and banking sector due to pro-consumer changes taking place on the bancassurance […]

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    Another seminar on combating insurance crime has come to...

    More than 190 people participated in the eleventh edition of the training seminar entitled ‘Cooperation between the police, insurance companies and other insurance market institutions to counteract, expose, and combat insurance crime’. The seminar was organised by the Polish Chamber […]

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