Wiadomości Ubezpieczeniowe (English title: Insurance Review) is the oldest Polish insurance journal, published since 1947. The majority of our contributors have extensive experience in academic and professional work, but we are very much looking forward to publishing manuscripts of first-time authors. Since 2018, Insurance Review has been focusing on legal issues. We are interested in publishing papers all aspects of civil law, commercial insurance law, social insurance law, finance law, banking law and EU Law that are relevant to the insurance market. Insurance Review also calls for papers on foreign insurance law, practice and jurisprudence. The Programme Board and editorial team of Insurance Review invite all contributors who look for a forum for sharing opinions or counter opinions, commenting on a court decision or reviewing a newly-published publication. Each submitted manuscript can contribute to advancing insurance as a scientific discipline and promoting a proper understanding of the role of insurance cover in economic and social processes. We are particularly eager to receive manuscripts (papers or commentaries) focusing on topical areas of legislation, proposed laws and day-to-day practice of insurance practitioners and courts. Abstracts of papers published in Insurance Review appear in CEJSH, Index Copernicus, POLON and BazEkon databases. Insurance Review’s impact factor is currently 6 points, according to a ranking kept by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

ISSN number: 0137 – 7264

Insurance Review editorial team
Editor-in-chief: prof. Ewa Bagińska, PhD – University of Gdańsk
Deputy Editor-in-chief: prof. Eugeniusz Kowalewski, PhD – Nicolaus Copernicus University Content
Supervisor: Paulina Wyszyńska-Ślufińska – University of Gdańsk, attorney-at-law

The Programme Board
prof. Michał Romanowski, PhD (president) – University of Warsaw
prof. Ewa Bagińska, PhD (vicepresident)- Uniwersity of Gdansk
prof. Bogusława Gnela, Phd – Cracow University of Economics
prof. Israel Gilead – Hebrew University (Professor Emeritus)
prof. Bernard A. Koch – Universität Innsbruck
prof. Magdalena Szczepańska, PhD – Uniwersity of Warsaw
prof. Jakub Pokrzywniak, PhD – Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan