In accordance with the decision of the General Meeting of the Polish Insurance Association, the works of PIU are managed by an entirely professional management board.

Members of the Polish Insurance Association have also decided that the structure of PIU will be based on a corporate model. The Audit Committee will act as the supervisory board of PIU. The Committee supervises the works of PIU’s Management Board.

The Management Board performs its tasks via the Association’s Office. The Association’s Office provides factual and administrative servicing of the Management Board’s activities. Organisational regulations adopted by the Management Board determine the organisation and operational rules of the Association’s Office.

Permanent Committees, Subcommittees, Teams and Working Groups provide factual support for the Management Board and the Members of PIU.

The Polish Insurance Association does not contact any policyholders or claimants directly. It does not offer to anyone any insurance product sales or consultancy services regarding specific insurance policies or investment projects. In addition, it does not have any data concerning customers of insurance companies. Any attempt at acting as a PIU representative to sell an insurance service or another product constitutes a misuse. In such situations, we ask for caution and notifying PIU.