Non-life Insurance

Non-life Insurance includes products which, on the one hand, protect you against costs associated with the damage or loss of non-life, but on the other hand secure the interests of persons who may suffer damage as a result of an accident.

There are many types of non-life insurance policies, but three main types can be distinguished:

1. Accident and Sickness Insurance

It covers the risk of an accident, including that of an accident at work and occupational disease. Depending on the type of coverage, the insured is eligible to a one-off or regular benefits.      
2. Liability Insurance

This insurance applies where the insured causes damage to another person and is obliged to redress it. With the liability insurance policy in place, it is the insurance company which pays compensation to the injured rather than the perpetrator. The interests of both the injured and the policy holder are thus protected.

3. Non-life Insurance

This type of coverage protects against the financial consequences of damage to or loss of non-life in case of flat fire, car theft, etc. Such products can be taken out to protect non-life against damage caused by calamities or disasters. Buildings, civil structures, machinery, equipment, motor vehicles and electronics can be insured in this way.