Polish Motor Insurers’ Bureau

Polish Motor Insurers’ Bureau is an organization uniting insurance companies in Poland, which provide the compulsory insurance against civil liability of motor vehicles holders, commonly referred to as MTPL.

PMIB arranges the settlement of, or settles directly, claims in respect of loss or injury caused in the territory of Poland by holders of motor vehicles registered in countries, which, like Poland, are the members of the Green Card System.

PMIB also issues insurance documents (Green Card certificates) valid in other countries of the 
Green Card System, including Multilateral Agreement respected in EEA countries and Switzerland.
In addition, PMIB serves as a compensation body and information center under the Fourth Motor Insurance Directive.

Phone:+48 (22) 551 51 00
Fax:+48 (22) 551 51 99
e-mail: pbuk@pbuk.pl