General Inspector of Financial Information

General Inspector of Financial Information was established by the Minister of Finance in 2006 as a consultative and advisory body on financial market issues.

The establishment of the Inspector answers the postulate of the participation of the wider society in consultations on financial market policy. A created forum of opinion exchange reinforced the participation of financial institutions in establishing a legal framework. It also allowed to present a unified view on the European forum. The new formula requires the consultation of professionals working within groups and teams developing issues that are vital to the work of the Inspector.

General Inspector of Financial Information was located by the minister responsible for financial institutions, which was to help him introduce effective development policy in the financial market.

Membership of the Inspector, because of the nature of this forum and its representativeness, includes representatives of financial market participants, including institutions supervising the market. The Minister of Finance or designated Secretary of State directs the work of the General Inspector of Financial Information. There are invited other people with rights of members and experts to work within GIFI. To develop specific issues, the President of the Inspector may appoint panels and working teams of specialists, specialising in issues which are to be analyzed.