Protect your health

For years now all studies have shown that Poles are ready for an additional expense in return for a higher standard of service and faster access to health services. Basic health care in Poland is based mainly on the state system. Private insurance gives us the guarantee of a higher standard of care and eliminates the problem of queues to specialists. Insurance companies provide easy access to both ambulatory as well as complicated hospital treatments. They also offer assistance services to help locate the nearest medical facility or pharmacy.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is also ideal for all sportsmen. And it doesn’t matter if you practise sport professionally or just recreationally, everyone can find an offer for themselves without any trouble.
Insurance companies cover all the events related to sports practice within a standard travel insurance policy. However, it applies mainly to amateur sport. For professionals, insurers offer special products.

Sports and Recreational Insurance

Sports and recreational insurance provides protection to all those who are particularly vulnerable to injuries related to professional sport practice or extreme sport. Such insurance can be sold individually or in the form of group insurance (teams, sports associations).