Joint statement of road event

Download: Joint statement form – Polish version

Did you have a bump? Are you thinking about calling the police? You do not want to waste your time.

The Joint Statement Form is accepted in all EU countries, thus also by insurers in Poland. In a great majority of cases, calling the police to the accident site is not necessary. To complete all formalities, only the filled out form is necessary. It is worth having this form in your car. If you have a bump, you profit because:

– you save time, you do not need to call the police to the site,
– you do not need to have any specialist knowledge, the form includes detailed explanations,
– you will complete the matter with the insurer faster and you will receive the due compensation faster.

Remember! If anyone has suffered in a road event, you are obliged to call the police.
Furthermore, we recommend calling the police if:

– the road event participant does not have a driving license, registration card or of TPL policy confirmation,
– you suspect that the road event participant is under the influence of alcohol,
– the road event participant is a foreigner,
– the cars are severely damaged,
– none of the road event participants admits guilt or the accident circumstances are not clear,
– the road event participant has escaped from the site.