Motor insurance can be divided into voluntary and mandatory. The duty of every holder of a vehicle is to include Civil Liability insurance (MTPL).  Such insurance insures the driver of the vehicle against personal injury to other parties.  The civil liability insurance on one hand guarantees us that we do not have to pay for the injury from our own pocket, and on the other hand the casualty is certain to receive the money.

Template of joint statement regarding traffic incident

Insurance Europe Guidelines on information for motor insurance claims history declarations for cross-border use

Please note that we are not obliged to call the police to all traffic
collisions. If there is no doubt who caused the accident, it is enough to write a joint statement about the accident.

Civil Liability insurance protects both: the victim of the accident and its perpetrator. Please note that civil liability insurance will not protect us against the theft of our car. The civil liability insurance (MTPL) does not cover the expenses of our car’s repair when we caused the accident. Insurance protection in such cases will be provided by auto casco (AC) insurance. Currently in Poland, 1 / 4 of all drivers own such insurance.



Auto casco (AC) insurance covers effects of events such as theft or accident. Having this type of policy, we are certain to receive compensation for acts of vandalism – scratched paint, broken windows. Insurance also protects us against the elements, especially hail, strong wind and heavy rain.