Professional TPL

In Poland there are several professions or business activities that are associated with the obligation of having a third party liability insurance policy. Such a requirement refers mostly to occupations requiring great expertise and those where poor performance is likely to expose potential customers to severe damages. Insurance protects both a policy holder and his client.

TPL policy in Poland is obligatory among lawyers, legal advisors, and insurance brokers. In case of other professions, settling a TPL policy contract is voluntary. Such a  voluntary contract may also be settled by all those who are obliged to have a TPL. Then such a policy would be a kind of voluntary “additional insurance”. This is important if we would like to have additional protection beyond the guarantee sum defined in the legislation on compulsory professional civil liability.

  • Liability Insurance Policy is mandatory for some professions
  • Doing any kind of business, you can purchase a voluntary TPL
  • TPL protects our customers by guaranteeing them compensation on account of our mistakes, whereas we are protected against potential costs related to fixing of those errors.